Seminar on Radicalisation, Research and Context”. Youth Workers Exchange :Nabeul, Tunisia  22 -30 June 2019

This mobility action will be aimed to provide the youth workers with tools and methodologies that would enable them to analyse properly their context. Each organization will share their pre-research and experiences on the matter and a comparative analysis will be done. This mobility action will be developed through a series of workshops and debates where the causes of extremism will be analysed from a general approach and particularly focused on the local communities as well.The Seminar will be guided together with the Youth Observatory of Tunisia, whose research activities spin around issues affecting youngsters, such as radicalisation. Moreover, research, evaluation and assessment methods will be addressed in order to enable the youth workers to carry on meaningful field research work to produce a final report with analysis of the fourth participating regions.

All participants are requested to take part in the preparation phase which will take place online starting May 20th. Participants will be requested to do obtain information about status and realities of radicalization in their community and country.  By the end of the Seminar the participants will:

  1. Understand the meaning of radicalization
  2. Identify factors that would enhance radicalization
  3. Assess the level of radicalization at each country
  4. Gain tools to combact radicalization especially at young age through media, dialougue, art and sports…

MAKING OFF : Seminar on Radicalisation, Research and Context”. Youth Workers

FOTOS of the Seminar