* Seminar on Radicalisation, Research and Context ( Y W E )
* new approaches to antiradicalisation ( Workshop Y W E )
* Developing new Narratives ( Y E )

Support and to raise the education level of young people from different social groups, help youth to achieve their goals, unite active youth together and create better conditions for their experience and knowledge exchange.



* Capacity Building Activities


* media , Images and message ( YE ) 


Role Play – The other side SeEU there! Erasmus+ Youth Exchange – Hammamet (Tunisia) 04 -11 July 2019

Try it Yourself

During the implementation phase, all the partners in close cooperation will develop the foreseen activities, both in the mobility actions and the launching of the online platform. Several evaluations will be carried out periodically to check the correct development of the project and that the objectives and milestones are met. Moreover, the youngsters will be connected through social media to share and discuss ideas and give their feedback at any moment.