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Freeminds in action

Freeminds in Action is a non-governmental organization founded in Italy. The main target group and beneficiaries of the organization is the youth people. Freeminds in Action works on Erasmus programs, as well as local projects. The main direction and activities of Ngo are exchange projects, conferences, workshops, debates, outdoors and all kind of nonformal education. Every action of it contributes to the positive development of young people. The founders of organization believe that the youth – this is the first way to a better future and that is why they pay special attention to them. Aims of Freeminds in Action are:

  • Supporting young people and their development, inclusion in social life;
  • To organize activities which promote youth development and self-manifestation.
  • Make activities which involve enthusiasm, learning and meet new people.
  • To improve healthy lifestyle, make popularize the education for the better future.
  • To increase level of active citizenship of young people and their motivation.

support youth leaders / jordan

Support Youth Leaders is an organization created to support and development of activities on the local, national and international level in area of non-formal education, using free time, cultural-social and volunteering practice for community of youth people.

Our mission are to support and to raise the education level of young people from different social groups, help youth to achieve their goals, unite active youth together and create better conditions for their experience and knowledge exchange.

Support Youth Leaders is committed to betterment and personal development of its members, through providing

the opportunities to demonstrate their talents and capabilities, as well as presenting them with challenges to develop their existing portfolio of skills.

We organize management and leadership seminars for our members, conducted by experienced professionals from some of the leading universities in the world.

By joining Support Youth Leaders (SYL), you will become part of a family covered in the promise to serve our motherland. Indeed Teamwork is the key to the success of Support Youth Leaders.

EN.O Greece (Environment Online GREECE)

EN.O Greece (Environment Online GREECE) is an NGO (Court order number 2314/19-6-2012, TAX Registration No. 997614635) residing in the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

Our activities range on issues and policies concerning Youth, Environment, Culture and Lifelong Learning.

EN.O Greece in collaboration with European and International entities, bearing in mind the history and civilization of Greece, aims at promoting the mobility of organization members, within borders as well as abroad.

It purpose is also to invite members from all over the world targeting the promotion of intercultural dialogue and appreciation of diversity, the promotion of lifelong learning and  the enforcement of formal and informal education methods as well as the creation of an international cooperation climate. It simultaneously gives its members the opportunity to participate in conferences and activities on a national and international level, and be involved in all kinds of Erasmus+ actions through which they can present their work individually but also via team work. Furthermore, it supports actions of all its members however and wherever they take place.

In order to achieve the aforementioned goals there is the possibility for natural persons, legal entities, organizations, institutes, national and international companies to become members of EN.O GREECE. They can either participate as active members or volunteers in working groups, actualizing programs in unison with committees of studies and research.