The main goals

The main goals to be achieved can be divided in three points:

Raising awareness

Raising awareness about radicalization and hate speech in media.

Developing methods

for youth workers to address prevention on radicalisation and provide them with tools and resources adapted to each specific context.

Critical Thinking

Foster critical thinking amongst youngsters while providing them with skills and creative tools as a way to develop counter narratives.


- Development of a training toolkit for youth workers on new strategies and pedagogic approaches towards youth anti radicalization.
- Raise awareness on youth radicalization & Identify and understand the causes of extremism and radicalization.
- Fostering research and knowledge about different contexts and situations triggering radicalization Promote critical and analytical thinking amongst youngsters
- Fight against the radicalization message in the media & Providing youth with skills in media literacy and audiovisual creation.
- Raise awareness on youth radicalization & Equip the youth workers with the ability to identify those most at risk and with tools to respond to different levels of extremism and radicalization