wHo we are !

L’Association Euro-Méditerranéenne des Echanges, Volontariats, Evénements EURO -MED EVE TUNISIA is a cultural non-governmental organization whose objectives are :
• To increase knowledge of youth and children and better develop their cultural level so that they get involved in the re-building of the country.
• To highlight the notions of open-mindedness, tolerance, and the acceptance of others in different social strata.
• To contribute to the building of a cultural bridge between Tunisian youth and Euro-Mediterranean youth for exchange of knowledge, experiences and access to other cultures. 
• To contribute to the integration of our Tunisian culture in the Euro-Mediterranean space.
• To contribute to the expanding of principles and values of democracy.
The association also works to strengthen the relationships between Tunisian and Euro-Mediterranean youth through:
• The establishment of youth exchange programmes and travels.
• The enhancing of Voluntarism.
• The planning and organization of cultural youth events on the national and international level.

main objectives

The main objectives of our organization are:
Trainings, Seminars, Youth Exchanges Programs, Youth Voluntary Services, Conferences, Youth Meetings, Networking and Cultural Experience abroad.