MCTAR is thought to be a project to develop further different methodologies and approaches in youth work as a way to prevent and identify radicalisation processes amongst youngsters. On the other hand, we aim to foster youth understanding on current topics and foster their critical thinking as a way to become mindful citizens who are able to discern hate speech in and negative messages in media and online.
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main phases
main objectives

The project is divided in two main phases. The first one is devoted to provide youth workers with tools and resources in order to identify risk behaviors and patterns in youngsters that could lead to radicalization.


The core idea of the project is to provide specialised training for youth workers in order to tackle the issue of radicalisation within their communities, while involving youth into creative and media related activities aimed to enhance their critical thinking and the intercultural dialogue.

Involvement of the participants in the mobility activities

Youth workers will be involved in a more remarkable way within the first stage of the project. On that phase we would provide the participants with knowledge over the key issues we aim to tackle. Awareness and knowledge over the challenges of antiradicalisation and the impact generated by the adoption of extremist ideologies, especially in youngsters. Getting this training will benefit them highly as direct connections with youth sector, and knowledge will flow through these connections, multiplying the effects. Besides, this acquired learning will serve them to continue their cooperation online while they implement locally the learning outcomes. Thus, in collaboration with experts, they will realise their own adapted toolkit as well as carrying out a field research in each of the participating communities.

MCTAR Activities


Four mobility activities will be held during the 2 years of the project, Two ofthern will be vouth workers exchanges and two will be youth exchanges.


a dissemination and awareness events in Nabeul, including a short-movies fistival .


online work developing learning materials and resources for youth workers and the youth, focusing on the learning É methodology. QER materials (including videos) and a final training toolkit made in collaboration with external experts .


Through wideo conferences, e-mail, and other means there will be an information exchange, pédagogie materials and other tools already existing for e-leaming

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